Critical Collective

What is Critical Collective?

Critical Collective (CC) is dedicated to building a more equitable and just society worldwide. We believe that challenging the ideas that legitimize the status quo is necessary to find alternatives that may help us forward. Therefore we organize lectures and discussions where we critically consider alternative views, usually marginalized in public discourse. We additionally take direct action to support social movements that share our concerns.

Our collective is non-hierarchically organized and decisions are taken on the basis of consensus. We are open to all those who share our goals.

Our concerns:

Our coming together is inspired by shared concerns about a variety of issues. Examples include but are not limited to:

Global Economy: Most people on our planet are still unable to achieve decent living conditions. Even in wealthy regions living standards are deteriorating for the average citizen. We think this results from the way the global market economy is structured where, for instance, too-big-to-fail banks create financial crises and transnational corporations exploit workers with impunity. This is all masked by a ‘free market’ discourse which claims a scientific basis, but in reality does little else than serve the ideological interests of the few to the cost of the many.

Media: The mass-media seem to have fallen prey to the control of powerful elites. Media outlets perpetuate discourses that serve to legitimize established power, allowing little room for genuinely critical voices. As a result progressive ideas that do not suite corporate and political interests are phased out of public discourse.

Public Policy: Public bodies are often revolving door institutions, heavily influenced by particular interest groups rather than serving as a forum for the genuine participation of society at large. One may for instance argue that recent austerity measures are biased in favor of those who have created the financial crisis and have been taken without the genuine consent of the public and often in fact, despite its opposition.


Critical Film & Pasta Night: The title says it all. We will organize periodic screenings of documentaries that critically analyze important issues where we serve drinks and pizza. The documentary is followed by a discussion involving an expert on the topic in question.

Lectures and discussions: It is our belief that only by contemplating multiple views, including those marginalized in public discourse, we may achieve a relevant understanding of society and work towards improving it. To this aim we periodically organize lectures and discussions.

Direct Action: We think it is important to act beyond contemplating alternatives by being active members of social movements that work towards a more equitable and just society. Recently we have joined the efforts of the cleaners who have been striking in the Netherlands for decent wages and work conditions.

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