Critical Collective presents: 'Economics in simple terms'

Critical Collective presents: ‘Economics in simple terms’

Critical Collective The Hague presents: ‘Economics in simple terms’:

Dr. Howard Nicholas is Senior Lecturer of Economics of Sustainable Development at the world-renowned Institute of Social Studies, The Hague (ISS). He has also been recipient of the Best Lecturer Award for nine consecutive years.

Dr. Nicholas is a heterodox economist, and one of the most renowned authorities on Marxist economics. He is adept at explaining economics in simple terms.

This first lecture of the Critical Collective’s “Economy in Simple Terms” series will address the most basic aspects of neoclassical economics. The analysis by Dr. Nicholas will be simplified for the message to be understandable by all, even those who have no background in economics at all.

“If you look at Keynes and the neoclassical, it’s really like the Dark Ages, it’s really like the Neanderthals when compared to Marx. I say nothing about the politics. I don’t care if you are revolutionary or not revolutionary, it’s about a scientific analysis of the capitalist society”

“I think neoclassical economy is really nonsense, I think it’s just ideological nonsense that’s misleading generation after generation…”

Join us for a stimulating experience.
Attendance is open to all, and registration is not necessary.

Location: Institute of Social Studies
It can be easily reached by getting Tram 1, direction Scheveningen Noorderstrand, from “Holland Spoor” or “Leighwaterplein” (right next to the HHS) and getting off at the stop “Mauritskade”.

The event has been brought to you with the cooperation of the BRV Academy of the HHS.

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