Green Economics & Climate Change: What's the Real Story?

Green Economics & Climate Change: What’s the Real Story?

Carbon emission trading, ‘green business’ and biofuels. These are some of the solutions to climate change proposed by governments and corporations.

Many experts are skeptical however, claiming such measures merely ´green-wash´ harmful corporate practices and prevent genuine climate policies.

Meanwhile, climatologists say, if no fundamental changes are made soon climate change may become ‘irreversible’ putting the ‘survival of the human species’ at risk.

In this edition of What´s the Real Story we ask:

– What are the bogus and genuine solutions to the climate problem?
– What interests are behind failing climate policies?
– Can the current global economic model be environmentally sustainable?

Join us for a critical discussion with:

Sophia Noboa – Biologist and anthropologist. Sophia has done research on the impacts of biofuels and major dam projects in Latin America.

Alexander Beunder – Economist and writer. Alexander also has a blog where he writes about economics and ecology:

Registration is not required, entrance is free.

Location: Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Address: Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague
Room: TBA
Date: Wednesday, January 29th 2014.
Time: 19:00 o´clock

This event is brought to you in association with the International Relations Committee of ISS.

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‘What´s the Real Story?’ is a monthly recurring event. Our next edition is about Drones & Militarization:

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