Critical Film & Food Night - Killing us softly 4: Advertising's Image of Woman

Critical Film & Food Night – Killing us softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Woman

Every month, Critical Collective screens a critical documentary, accompanied by a lively discussion and a tasty dinner. To commemorate this year’s International Woman’s Day, we will screen Killing Us Softly 4 to explore the ethical problems and societal effects of gender representations in corporate advertisements.

The documentary and our discussion will focus on questions such as:

  • What do the images of women sold through corporate advertisment say about how our society views and values women in general?
  • How do these images produce particular beauty ideals and standards of femininity that hardly resemble the average female body type and female diversity?
  • What harmful psychological and material effects do such ideals have?
  • How does racism intersect in producing images of more or less desirable and human female bodies?
  • How are norms around femininity, masculinity and heterosexuality produced and reproduced through such images?

All of these questions and more will be thoroughly explored and discussed. Come and add your voice to the discussion while enjoying some of our home cooked food! Registration is not required, entrance is free, donations are highly appreciated.

Location: Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Date: Monday March 10th
Time: 18:00 (please be on time)
Address: Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague
Room: Aula A

This event is brought to you in association with the International Relations Committee of ISS.

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