Critical Collective presents: Freedom Jam

Critical Collective presents: Freedom Jam

Do you enjoy live music from all over the world? Do you think refugees deserve decent treatment? Of course you do! Come to the smashing fund-raising concert and open-mic in the ´Refugee House´ of The Hague. This squatted church houses about 30 refugees whom otherwise would be sleeping on the street.

The Dutch government believes the refugees should go back. But their lives are threatened in their war torn countries (like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia). They have no choice but to stay in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, the Dutch government considers their stay here illegal and prohibits them from working or renting a home. They even risk 18 months of detention if caught on the street with no charge other than being unable to go back home.

The ´Refugee House´ is run by volunteers and depends on donations. The concert at the church will bring together a host of great musicians from Iraq, Ireland, Holland, Indonesia and more. For the musicians, poets and story-tellers amongst you, there will be an open mike following the concert.

Bring your talent and jam with us!

Drinks and tasty food will be waiting for all visitors.

Time: Doors and bar open at 7pm. Concert starts at 8pm.

Entrance: Free, donations highly appreciated

This event is on facebook. If you have any further questions or suggestons, please contact:

In case you want to learn more about the Refugee House, please visit:

To all those coming. Here is an extended list of needed materials for the refugees. Feel free to donate! (You are also invited to donate money to 4975129 under the name Occupy Den Haag or 9516845 under the name Stek, Stichting voor Stad en Kerk, mention TENTENKAMP.)

-Instant coffee
-Coffee Filters
-Coffee milk
-Long preservable milk.
-Sugar lumps
-Herbs and spices for cooking
-Noodle Soups.
-Tomato Sauce
-Juice and Lemonade
-Oil (sunflower or olive oil )
-Fresh fruit (bananas and mandarins preferably)
-Dates (or other sweets such as a cookies)

-Wardrobes/closets(for clothes and other stuff)
Smoke detector.
-Fire Blankets
-Fire Extinguishers

-plaster boards.
-Wooden beams
-Extension Cords and Sockets
-Isolation material.
-Lighting (eg construction lights, to 500w)
-Nails, screws etc

-Toothbrushes / Toothpaste / Toothpicks
-Razors and shaving cream
-Emergency exit signs
4-pits stove suitable for gas.
-Folding chairs
-Folding dining tables
-A large (!) Teapot / thermos
-Plastic reusable (!) Cups
-Socks and underpants (for men)
-Thermo-underwear and shirts.
-Trash (large)
-Cleaning Gloves
-washing -up rack and a drying rack
-Tea Spoons
-Shower Towels
-Paper, pens and markers
-Duct Tape
-Material to make banners
Lyca-prepaid credit vouchers (the refugees need to call their families).

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