Capitalism - What's the Real Story?

Capitalism – What’s the Real Story?

What is capitalism? Is it fair? Is it efficient? What is the history of capitalism? Does capitalism help the poor or the wealthy? How are economic crisis caused? Is capitalism democratic?

Capitalism (or the market-economy) is today’s dominant economic system. There can be no understanding of society without an understanding of capitalism.

In our next ‘What’s the Real Story’ event we will discuss capitalism with Dr. Pepijn Brandon, lecturer of economic history at the University of Amsterdam. Brandon received a Cum Laude distinction for his recent PhD thesis in the field of economic history and is a highly engaging speaker. After his presentation there will be a lively debate with the audience.

This event is the second lecture in our ‘Economics in simple terms’ series. Visit this event on facebook for more info.

The above event is brought to you in collaboration with BRV Academy of the HHS.

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