Protecting the commons from co-optation

Protecting the commons from co-optation

  • What makes a commons successful?
  • What are the processes that lead to the co-option of a successful commons?
  • How can the co-option of a commons be prevented?

Rethinking the Commons – session 6 literature:

  1. Vandana Shiva – Earth Democracy: Beyond Dead Democracy and Killing Economies
  2. Silvia Federici – Feminism and the politics of the common in an era of primitive accumulation
  3. Roel Griffioen – How the artistic breeding ground became a surrogate for real urban development
  4. David Harvey – The Creation of the Urban Commons
  5. Guido van Eijck & Saskia Naafs – Helaas, u heeft getekend

in other sessions:

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