Reading Group: Rethinking the Commons

Transformative/Community Justice, gender liberation and & commoning practices in Brasil and Kurdistan

We’ll be talking about transformative/community justice, gender liberation and & commoning practices with the MST landless farmers movement in Brasil and Free Democratic Womens Movement in Northern Kurdistan (in Southeastern Turkey)


1. Introduction into Transformative and Community Justice
Toward Transformative Justice (5 pages)
1.1 What do we mean by Transformative Justice?
1.2 Why do we need a liberatory approach to violence?
1.3 Why must we work outside of State systems to secure justice?

2. Case: Landless Farmers Movement in Brasil
Women of Via Campesina International Manifest (4 pages)

3. Case: Womens Movement in Kurdistan
Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan (PDF): The Council Movement, Gender Liberation, and Ecology – in Practice., A Reconnaissance into Southeastern Turkey, by TATORT Kurdistan
Read the Introductino & Chapter 4: Changing Gender Relations (25 pages)

(also: link to amazon where you can look inside the book, and maybe read some parts that are hard to read in the PDF)


Dilar Dirik, who speaks about the unnecessary imposition of the nation-state system in favor of the Stateless State and the role women play, on the front lines, and in society. (Dilar Dirik starts speaking at 16:30 mins.)

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