Defining the commons, commoning the definitions

Defining the commons, commoning the definitions

At the first session, we would like to discuss the tensions between different views on the common. We are also looking forward to examples you may bring, that illustrate or contradict the definitions!

The texts are mainly by the Midnight Notes Collective that could help us understand better the commons.

  • Linebaugh, P. (2014) Stop, Thief!: The Commons, Enclosures, and Resistance. PM Press, 13-23.
  • Caffentzis, G., & Federici, S. (2014). “Commons against and beyond capitalism”. Community Development Journal, 49 (1), 92-105.
  • De Angelis, M. and D. Harvie (2014) “The Commons”, in M. Parker, G. Cheney, V. Fournier and C. Land (eds) The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organization, Routledge, 280-294.
  • Dyer-Witheford, N. (2007) “Commonism”, in Turbulence Collective (2010) What Would it Mean to Win? PM Press, 81-87.

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