Filmavond van Kritische Studenten Utrecht

Dinsdag 11 mei, 20:00
Boekwinkel de Rooie Rat
Oudegracht 65, Utrecht

Entree: gratis

Aansluitend debat

Studentradicalisme in Duitsland en de Rote Armee Fraktion

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Vorige films/documentaires van KSU-filmavonden:

Uit een NY Times review:

“Berkeley in the 60’s,” Mark Kitchell’s sweeping, event-filled documentary tracing both the euphoric rise of student activism and the forces that led to its dissolution, occasionally views the past from a comparably long distance. But most of the time it simply re-creates the life of Berkeley’s counterculture through the use of very abundant television news accounts rather than analyzing it from afar. The dozen or so people interviewed in the film, all former Berkeley radicals whose current occupations range from computer executive to Greenpeace coordinator, provide more fond memories than useful hindsight, but their contribution is still effective. “Berkeley in the 60’s,” a lively and comprehensive chronicle, is indeed a potent blast from the past.

Komt allen!

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