Session 1 report: schedule for next sessions, slides of last session, form to recommend sources

Wednesday the first session of the new readinggroup – education in the age of neoliberalism – was held. With almost 30 people attending and a rich diversity of backgrounds and interests, we came to the following schedule for the next sessions. Every session will be prepared and presented by a group of around 5 participants, which will choose the texts, send them around as homework and guide the session.


  • Feb. 20 : History of neoliberalism & education (inequality)
  • Mar. 6 : Relationship education & social movements (particular focus South America)
  • Mar. 20: ‘Frankfurter schüle’
  • Apr. 3 : ‘Education paradigms’
  • Apr. 17: Moving forward; resistance (Utrecht)

Slides of last session

In the first session, a short kick-off presentation was given about links between neo-liberalism, globalization and the knowledge economy and the political philosophy behind implementing market mechanisms into public sectors like higher education, referring to two texts. For those who missed it, you can download:

  • these slides on the article of Olssen, Mark and Peters, Michael A.(2005) “Neoliberalism, higher education and the knowledge economy: from the free market to knowledge capitalism”, Journal of Education Policy, 20: 3, 313 — 345 (link to pdf)
  • and these slides on the article of Lorenz, C. “If You’re So Smart, Why Are You under Surveillance? Universities, Neoliberalism, and New Public Management”. Critical Inquiry, Vol. 38, No. 3 (Spring 2012), pp. 599-629 (Link to journal, but unfortunately, not downloadable without university account).

Blog of Reading Group

We decided to write reports of every session and publish them online. So these will apear on this website under the url (or just press the readinggroup-button above)

Or download/see form responses here.