Unileaks is looking for stories

Unileaks is a new KSU initiative which aims to collect information about life at the universities. We are looking for personal accounts of the lives of students, teachers, and workers at the university. We want to know how they are being influenced by the budget cuts and neoliberal reforms of the last decades. How is the commodification of higher education affecting you? What are the effects on your motivation and pleasure to learn or work?

Go to www.howdoestheuniversitywork.nl

Also, we are looking to learn more about the inner workings of the university. We feel those involved with the universities have a right to know about the plans, ideas and reforms that are in store for them. But oftentimes information is kept hidden and decisions are quickly pushed through at the last possible moment. This serves to stifle oppositions and frustrate a transparent and open debate about the direction in which we want our universities to go. To make matter worse, representation of student interests is often marginal or not present at all.

We aim to change this from the bottom up. Information is power!

Unileaks will soon be live, but you can already send your stories and information to kritischestudentenutrecht@gmail.com and visit https://we.riseup.net/unileaks to see some of the themes we will be publishing about