Kritische Studenten Utrecht organizes new research course about University

As a sequal to workshops about “knowledgeproduction” organized last January 2010, Kritische Studenten Utrecht has planned a new series of researchtutorials to start coming February 2011 at Utrecht University, and span a period of approximately 14 weeks. The theme will be the University system in all it’s aspects, with a focus on the way it works internally. Another goal is to bring into practice a course which promotes students’ participation in defining the studyprogramme and research methodologies – while aiming at a variety of researchmethods like interviews, working with video as well as literature. Again, in the aftermath of the course, results will be used to further a critical discussion about the university among students and staff. Details about ECTS, dates and location will soon be announced on this website. Subscriptions will be open from the 22nd of November.