Guestlecture: ‘The sense and nonsense of Studentrepresentation’

Guestlecturer Sam de Nijs speaks about the sense and nonsense of studentrepresentation at Universitylevel, as a guestlecture of the researchcourse ‘How does the University work?

Wednesday 13th of April – 19:00 o clock. Location: Drift 23 zaal 0.20

We are hosting a lecture and discussion with Sam de Nijs, student at the UvA, who has experience in the workings of the student participation organs at the UvA and is also involved in alternative students organizations, currently Ons Kritisch Alternatief. We will start the meeting with a short (30minutes) round on the advancements and the working schemes of the project groups. After this we’ll have an open discussion with Sam. Be there if you can!