CREA Theater

Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

The Netherlands is often portrayed in the media as one of the stronger pillars of the EU economy. But how resilient is the Dutch economy against the global economic crisis? During this Real World Economics session, the speakers provide a ‘tour de horizon’ of the characteristics of the
Dutch economic model and give an introduction to its recent history and workings, as well as the particular positioning of the Dutch political economy in the global realm.

What is the role and influence of the large share of multi-nationals in the domestic economy in shaping political decision making structures, Dutch investment policies and international relations? How come that the Netherlands is one of main jurisdictions for corporate tax evasion?

With Dr. Eelke Heemskerk (UvA, Political Scientist), Dr. Rodrigo Fernandez (UvA, Financial Geographer), and Dr. Manuel Aalbers (UvA, Geographer, Sociologist and Urban Planner). Moderated by Dimitris Pavlopoulos (VU, Economist).

Location: CREA Theater
Admission: students free, others € 5,-
No reservations

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