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With guest reading groups from Kritische Studenten Utrecht and Artists in Occupy Amsterdam. For Read-in’s fourth and final event in their series for Casco’s ‘The Grand Domestic Revolution – User’s Manual’, we invite members of different reading groups with varying levels of political, literary, artistic and academic concerns to exchange with us and each other on their respective practices towards our ongoing research into the political, material and affective dimensions of “reading together”.

The first part will a gathering of the groups at Casco (18.30) with whom Read-in collective will facilitate a conversation about how the way the respective groups organise, conduct and choose their content for their reading sessions relates to the what they read and how their practices might expand and effect other areas of life and work. The second part will have us departing into the city and make multiple reading group “read-ins”. We will try to distribute experienced “read-iners” among the groups as a guide to the practice as we go door-to-door to find hosts.

Participating reading groups include the Kritische Studenten Utrecht (KSU) reading group, a free and self-organised reading group who read texts together to investigate the roots of the economic crisis and cuts in Holland; as well as a reading group formed at the Beursplein out of Artists in Occupy Amsterdam (AIOA) who work on various projects to help visualize, theorize, imagine and act upon the worldwide demand for radical democratization.

Both parts of the event are open to the public and you are all more than welcome to join! Although RSVP is not necessary we’d very much appreciate it to help us with our planning. If you’re forwarding this along, newcomers can drop us a line at

For more information on the context of the event at Casco can be found here, or check out our website at Hope to see you there!

— The Read-in Collective

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