Occupation of Starbucks in Bogazici University in Istanbul

The occupation of the recently opened Starbucks on campus is on its 14th day with more students, professors and supporters joining each day.

The arrival of Starbucks in place of the last relatively cheap student canteen on campus was the final step of the ongoing process of gentrification and commercialization of Bogazici university. Students protested against this change through open meetings and demonstrations, demanding cheap and healthy food for all. Not being recognized by the rectorate, they decided to occupy Starbucks, the place that’s supposed to belong to them. Since the first day of occupation, the number of the occupiers have multipled. They are organising workshops, open lectures with the support of academicians, open debates and movie nights on a variety of subjects ranging from gentrification, LGBTT, ecology, current student detentions and conscientious objection. Each day different groups from outside visit the occupation to show solidarity and share their experiences.

They are keeping an online blog (mostly in Turkish) with photos and videos: http://starbuckssenligi.blogspot.com/ And streaming their meetings and activities live: http://www.livestream.com/revoltistanbul/

Resistance is as global as capital!