Thursday 3 Nov. – KSU presents Basta! info-evening: What’s up with Holland?

What’s up with Holland? Budget cuts from an international perspective

Lately, crisis and austerity measures are on the daily agenda, either in the South or in the North of Europe. Whether you are here for studies or work, you have realized that something is changing in the Dutch society. Budget cuts on education, public transport, public health, fines to students who prolong their studies… Whether you think globally and act locally or you feel part of the society you live in, austerity measures concern you. While staying in the Netherlands you do not need to remain an observer. KSU and GIO organize a Basta! discussion evening about austerity measures, where we will talk with people that participate in the Dutch movement about the ongoing cuts in the public sector, associate them to the austerity measures across Europe and seek a common perspective.

From Greece to the Netherlands: where does austerity stop? Can we give an answer?
  • Peter Storm, activist & blogger: peterstormschrijft
  • Willem Bos, Ander Europa (Other Europe)
  • Sander van Lanen, Human Geography student & member of KSU


Day: Thursday – 3 Nov 2011
Time: 19.30
Location: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht
Entrance: Free
Language: English