Another Occupation in Amsterdam

Some months ago students from Titanic did an occupation at the VU (university in Amsterdam). And now there is another occupation in Amsterdam by students of the University of Amsterdam.

“Today students have occupied a wing of the bèta faculty of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). They are angry about a document that has been leaked that shows new plans about the fusing of the bèta faculties of the UvA and the VU University Amsterdam/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (free university). The new plan is based on old documents that have been rejected by the student- and workers councils earlier this year. During the year there was a strong resistance against these plans which led to the rejection of the plans by councils. The resistance against the plans was directed at the lack if transparency and the fact that the plans are mainly a cut back on expenses rather than an improvement of the education and research and would probably be accompanied by lay offs.”

They also made a video, unfortunately it’s in dutch. But you get an impression of how the occupation looks like:

Solidarity from Utrecht!!