"look first for cause of laziness, before punishment"

As KSU thinks about and realises new ways of education, it’s wise to consider that we are of course not the first ones to think about new forms of education (and we are not the only ones doing this now – open links below). Some words from the “anarchist prince” Peter Kropotkin, in The Conquest of Bread (pp.85):

This is why a free society, if it saw the number of idlers increasing in its midst, would no doubt think of looking first for the cause of laziness, in order to suppress it, before having recourse to punishment […] Do not you see that by your methods of teaching, framed by a Ministry for eight million scholars, who represent eight million different capacities, you only impose a system good for mediocrities, conceived by an average of mediocrities? Your school becomes a University of laziness, as your prison is a University of crime. Make the school free, abolish your University grades, appeal to the volunteers of teaching; begin that way, instead of making laws against laziness which only serve to increase it.

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  1. Lets not forget that beneath these ‘radical’ ideas of prince kropotkin lays another reality. He himself participated with the provinsional goverment after the february revolution in Russia (so before the oktober revolution) betraying the confidence of the people. Yeah kropotkin, beautiful words, f*cktup deeds!!!

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