University of Sussex bezetters: "There are 106 of us".

In de University of Sussex, Brighton, hebben op 8 februari naar eigen zeggen 106 studenten een verdieping bezet. De aanleiding: bezuinigingen en de daardoor dreigende personeelsverminderingen. “We recognise that an attack on education workers is an attack on us”, aldus de “occupiers of the 8th of february”.

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  1. Er is gisteren een solidariteitsverklaring geschreven voor Sussex vanuit Utrecht:

    To the brave occupants of the Sussex University,

    How fantastic it is to hear students in Great Britain are now also organizing to make a fist against the cuts in and demolition of education. In Holland there also was a wave of university occupations. Here in Utrecht we occupied the administration management section for 3 days, to make a statement for investments in education and more student participation. In Holland we are only at the beginning of a students movement, and it’s so encouraging to see that throughout the whole of Europe, the whole world students are once again finally stepping up for their rights on quality education.
    In a time where the ministry of defense gets a budget of over, we’re fighting an unsupported war, billions are invested to “save” banks, it’s hypocrisy to cut on education, health-care and other social acquirements. Education must remain accessible for all people, no matter what financial background.
    Yesterday, occupiers from Austria and Germany arrived here, because they heard about the occupations in Holland and wanted to show their direct support. They brought a huge banner, which decorated a lot of universities in Germany and Austria already. In Holland there’s still the brilliant law which allows people to squat buildings that are not used for over a year. We had the honor to drop it from our squatted office building , to symbolize our enthusiastic solidarity to your occupation.

    We hereby offer you our full support.
    Lots of solidarity, and success we wish for you now and the upcoming struggle.
    And last but not least, thanks a lot, for inspiring us and every student that cares.

    Occupants, from Utrecht and cities in Germany and Austria.

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