Studentenopstanden in Syrië

NOS – Groot studentenprotest in Aleppo
Duizenden studenten in de Syrische stad Aleppo zijn de straat op gegaan. Ze eisen een eind aan de belegering van de steden Homs, Daraa en Banias, waar het protest tegen het regime van president Assad het hevigst is.

BBC – Syria protests: Thousands of students rally in Aleppo
Security forces have broken up a demonstration by thousands of students in Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, witnesses and activists say.

Al Jazeera: Students in Syria face police crackdown
Young people beaten with batons as they defy military orders. Syria’s police have come out in force, again cracking down on protests, now targeting students in Aleppo.

Activists said security forces used batons to disperse a pro-democracy demonstration by 2,000 students on Wednesday at a university campus in Syria’s second largest city.

Thousands of protesters have been detained and rights groups say around 800 killed, including at least 19 people since Wednesday.

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  1. From Democracy now:
    Syrian forces have launched new attacks on residential areas known to be flashpoints for the ongoing protests against President Bashar al-Assad. Witnesses say Syrian tanks shelled neighborhoods in the town of Homs after residents protested earlier government attacks that killed three people. The Syrian military is reportedly conducting house-to-house raids searching for people whose names appear on a government list. Human rights activists say communication lines have been cut, and checkpoints have been used to seal off communities. Speaking to the New York Times, Rami Makhlouf, a powerful cousin of Assad’s and a wealthy tycoon in Syria, vowed to crush the protests, saying, “We call it a fight until the end… They should know when we suffer, we will not suffer alone.” More than 700 people are believed to have been killed, and some 9,000 arrested, in the Assad regime’s crackdown.

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