New reforms planned at Utrecht University

A preview from next Krantjeboord, December 2010 (to be issued coming week in print):
At Utrecht University various reforms are expected to be implemented coming years. One reform is to introduce “automatisch afstuderen” (automatic graduation) which means students will receive their diplomas automatically when 180 ECTS study credits have been achieved – a reform expected to be implemented in 2012. Under certain exceptions students with 180 ECTS or more would be able to prolong their enrollment at University. A second reform expected to be implemented in 2011 is to charge a tuition fee higher than the legal maximum (€1675 currently) for students who start a second study – the so called “instellingscollegegeld” which will be differentiated for different majors. This last reform became possible through an education law reform in February 2010 and has already been implemented by various universities.
Source: Utrecht University documents (1. hardheidsclausule atomatisch afst. 2. Bijlage 2 Collegegeld 2011-2012 tweede studies 3. Bijlage 3a automatisch afstuderen)