More than 400 high schools under occupation in Greece; at least 136 university departments still occupied

While university students are fighting in departmental General Assemblies to continue with their occupations against the new education Law (faced with the prospect of cancellation of their annual examinations if they do so), high school students are now forcefully entering the emerging wave of action against austerity in Greece. More than 400 high schools are currently under occupation (some reports are taking the number up to 500; it is difficult to verify, as it’s changing by the hour) out of a national total of approximately 1,000. – Occupied London Blog

According to a text circulating around the greek Net (one version here), some of the high school students’ demands are:

1. Immediate funding of the high schools in order for them to cover all their running costs. Not a single euro should come out of our families’ pockets for the running of the schools, for our education.

2. Immediate delivery of all school textbooks.

3. No shortage in teachers. Mass permanent appointment of educators.

4. No merges or closures of schools.

5. Unified, 12-year long, public and free schools for all.

6. The new Law for Universities and Technical Schools should not come into practice.

7. Free transportation.

8. No to the increased 23% VAT in school canteens.

9. No to the abolition of the school-academic asylum.