KSU in solidarity with students of Cooper Union

We stand in solidarity with the students of Cooper Union who are currently protesting and actively resisting the introduction of tuition fees at their university. We believe free education should be the rule, not the exception – and should like to express our deepest concern with the board of directors regarding their policy plans. We strongly urge those involved in the decision making process to withdraw their support for the introduction of tuition fees and to stand with the students in order to safeguard education for future generations.

If human knowledge and skills are the product of the generations that came before us, any particular individual or institute should be able to claim ownership. Any form of knowledge is our collective property, and everyone has a rightful claim on it on basis of a shared humanity.

We must claim our right to be educated in our shared heritage and build upon it to improve our collective future.

Education is NOT a commodity.

In solidarity,

Kritische Studenten Utrecht

More information: “Cooper union tuition protest: Students barricade themselves in 8th floor of foundation building”

Facebookpage: Free Cooper Union