Kobanê did not fall and won’t fall!

Everyone who live and go for solidarity to Suruç, are waiting in the borders. People whole around Anatolia and Mezopotamia are in the streets. All Kurdish people and revolutionaries make everywhere Kobanê. If Kobanê falls, Kobanê’s fire will burn everwhere.

via DAF Anarchist Federation in the Turkish state

Everywhere is Kobanê, everywhere is resistance!,
Long live the Rojava Revolution!”

The maps below show the current situation, ISIS launched attacks into Kobane last night but for the most part it appears these were repulsed. As of a couple of hours ago however it appeared that they were still holding the locations where the flags had been raised.

The Turkish army has tanks on the border but they are not only ignoring ISIS fighters clearly visible on the other side but it appears ISIS vehicles have crossed the border to dodge the very limited number of air strikes that have occurred. The de facto support of the Turkish state for the ISIS assault has resulted in a wave of protests and occupations across Europe in the last 24 hours and rioting in several cities in the Turkish state.

The Turkish state has been tear gassing both journalists and solidarity activists near the border. Part of the purpose of the gathering of solidarity activists which includes anarchists is to act as a patrol to stop ISIS re-enforcing across the border from Turkey.

As of the time of posting reports are that the battle sounds less intense than the previous couple of days but street fighting can still be heard from the town. For frequent updates follow our curated tweets at @wsmireland

Details of Dublin protest from the organisers
“Join us on Wednesday, Oct 8th from 5 pm to 6 pm at the Spire in O’Connell st to answer the call for solidarity from Kobane.

As Kurdish fighters continue to resist the onslaught of ISIL/Daesh on their communities and homes, people are mobilising across Turkey and Europe to express their grief and outrage.

Join us to bear symbolic witness to the bravery of those who fight back in Kobane and of their comrades and allies in Turkey who are standing with them in rejecting the shameful complicity of the Turkish government and of our own governments.”

We will post a link to the event in the comments, given the short notice please help get the word our by sharing this story and inviting people to the event.