International student struggles update

Update from the International Student Movement. ISM is an independent platform for groups and activists around the world to exchange information, network and coordinate protests in our struggle against the increasing privatisation of education and for free emancipatory education for all!

MAY 5th:

Good video on the ongoing occupation at London Metropolitan University (UK)!

Capitalism is not working indeed – but it also won’t change, if we keep acting on our own instead of connecting globally. It is not the government, it’s the system.

MAY 3rd:

8,000 educators, parents and students protested potential budget cuts in education in Raleigh (U.S. of A.) ~

MAY 2nd:

Students at Makerere University (Uganda) threaten to go on hunger strike to protest state repression ~

MAY 1st:

8,000 workers rallies in New Delhi (India) for May Day – two days later some of them were attacked by thugs hired by factory owners ~

Entry on the May Day rally in Kiev (Ukraine) on the ISM website with a video and many pictures ~

Entry on the May Day in Hong Kong now online, feat. videos and pictures ~

About 15,000 people joined the revolutionary May 1st demonstration in Berlin (Germany) this year – 161 activists arrested.

APRIL 29th:

About 8,000 students protested for an increase in spendings on public education and against the privatisation of education in Santiago (Chile) – 30 were detained. A nationwide strike was announced for May 12th.