Harvard students walk out of economics class that ‘has driven inequalities in society’

A new, perhaps unlikely, location has been caught in the Occupy Wall Street crossfire: a Harvard economics class. Around 70 students walked out of Professor Greg Mankiw’s Economics 10 class this week, claiming his teachings have driven the inequalities in today’s society. 
In an open letter, Harvard students of economy suggest his conservative curriculum has influenced former Harvard students – including today’s policy makers and bankers – to bring about the financial crisis. One of the organisers, Rachel J. Sandalow-Ash, told a crowd outside the classroom: “Harvard graduates have been complicit [and] have aided many of the worst injustices of recent years. Harvard students will not do that anymore. We will use our education for good, and not for personal gain at the expense of millions.”
 – Read more on the Dailymail or the Harvard Crimson. See a video of the walk-out and read the letter here below. 

(PS: this is not the first time students of economics rebel; in 2000 a group of Parisian students started the PAE Movement (‘post autistic economics’) through a petition which caught international attention. They struggles against the “autistic science” of economics and later started the real world economics blog)