Greece, Portugal, Spain…. a new step towards the internationalization of protest

The trade unions in Greece, Portugal and Spain have called for a general strike on the 14th of November, while there is information that also trade unions in France, Italy, Belgium, Malta and Cyprus will join the Pan-European mobilization whilst apparently more with solidarity actions than with general strikes.

Recent protests and strikes in Greece, Portugal and Spain demonstrate that the population increasingly opposes and rejects the imposed austerity measures that throw into rash impoverishment millions of households without perspective for the future. As well as a total overthrown of labour rights and national collective bargains. As the situation for many EU citizens is deteriorating the trade unions finally woke up to call for a Pan-European action with a clear message in the direction of Brussels.

A large, joint action is planned for November 14th 2012, organized by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) with strikes, demonstrations and rallies across Europe.