Internationale opening van de "Global Wave of Action for Education"

Vandaag is de internationale “Global Wave of Action for Education” begonnen! Hieronder een bericht in het Engels over acties in de VS, Duitsland en Oostenrijk.

The most massive protests took place across the U.S. of A. with about 75 actions, incl. sit-ins on various campuses. The most spectacular one at the University of California (Berkeley) with 600 people staging a sit-in at a library for some hours. Groups in Munich, Bochum (both in Germany) and Innsbruck (Austria) also announced to mark the kick-off with an action, but so far no reports came in.

Kaart van acties die onderdeel uitmaken van de Global Wave of Action for Education

The “Global Wave” will continue tomorrow (Oct.8th) with strikes and demonstrations of high school students across Italy (called for by Unione degli Studenti) andprotests against the IMF/Worldbank annual meeting in Washington DC (U.S. of A.). At least those are the actions that have been announced so far.

And here are some links on todays Day of Action in the U.S. of A.:
–> (demands put forward by the General Assembly at the sit-in staged by hundreds of students at UC Berkeley)