Bologna! Alive & kicking…Jan. 18, A’dam

…kicking European universities into a sea of profound transformations.
Universities and Globalisation
CREA Theater, Turfdraagsterpad 17, 1012 XT Amsterdam
free for students, € 5,- all others
No reservations.
From the Bologna-fuck-up group in Spain to the anti-Bologna protests in Vienna, in 2010 loads of European students took to the streets to protest the European Education policy that carried the name of the Bologna Process from 2000 and 2010. Is it a neo-liberal policy? A symptom of globalization? The logical outcome of market forces, competition with China and the need of a knowledge-economy? What’s certain is that many students and academics don’t like it, even without understanding the economic & political fundamentals behind it. But this evening in CREA Amsterdam is about precisely that: in the series of Real World Economics (an Amsterdam initiative to understand and debate the economy in sensible language) we explore “the causes and nature of these important transformations” of universities. With dr. Henk Overbeek (VU), dr. Steve Klees (University of Maryland, US) and representatives of the student movement in The Netherlands (among which KSU). The event will be presented by dr. Antoni Verger (UvA). English spoken.