Democracy: where it all started now it ends

It is beyond any doubt. When the press and freedom of speech are attacked, democracy is over.

One more consequence of the policy of the IMF and the Troika is making its appearance in the mother of all austerity measures: Greece.

Kostas Vaxevanis, an investigative journalist was arrested for revealing what two Ministers of Finances wanted to keep well hidden: a list of alleged tax evaders with bank accounts in Switzerland. The New York Times report is most revealing, while The Guardian is hosting the journalist’s comments.

The day following the arrest, two other well known journalists working on public TV took Vaxevanis’ side, asking whether the Minister of Justice should resign, also commending on the torturing of anti-fascist protesters by the Greek police, which was revealed by The Guardian. They were fired immediately after the end of their show.

Another journalist was cut on air when he mentioned that there was a demonstration that public TV wanted to keep silent about.

Finally, a citizen in Kerkira was prosecuted because he posted on facebook pictures of policemen hitting protesters and chatting with Golden Dawn members. Personal data you see…

And all that in 4 days time, since the latest ‘rescue’ package is about to be put on vote at the Greek Parliament: 3.9 billion EUR worth of measures are going to be put in place and it needs to be done as quietly as possible.

How fitting… Democracy is slowly dying where it was first born.

Any ideas on who is next?