Video: “Indebted citizenship” – an interview with Rosa Braidotti

“Advanced capitalism does not develop in a linear fashion, but by endless processes of overlapping coding, recoding and decoding of the existing rules that construct our socio-economic sphere in the hunt for profit.

As fascism was colonialism coming home to roost in the 1930’s, so in the same way the impoverishment of Europe is a coming home to roost of policies we have actively implemented in “The Third World” since the Second World War. Structural readjustment plans that are doing to the south of Europe what we are/had been doing to the South of the world.

At this time, we need a serious discussion of masculinities, religious bodies, political violence, systematic necro-politics and stemcell research that relies on the looting of natural resources and colonized territories, financial bulimia, addictive non-food, affective economies, the spectres of fascism and the cartographies of subjective difference. Ours is a figurative, entropic system of unleashed consumerism and multiple choices between quantitative differences without qualitative difference: desire as lack.

We need to see how we can move this along through intersectional analysis and discussion, and put behind us the pain that can never be redeemed, to challenge the computational rationalities of the system.

Rosi Braidotti is a Philosopher and Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University as well as director of the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht.



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