Work in the 21st Century: Precarity & Immigration

Work in the 21st Century: Precarity & Immigration

This is the third session of the KSU reading group about “Work in the 21st Century – Changing labour relations in Holland”. Sign up here

3rd Session: Precarity & Immigration

This session will discuss precarity (flexibilisation of the labour) and zoom in on its relationship to immigration.

About the reading group:

Would you like to have more background knowledge about the changing world around you and try and understand it better? Are the mainstream media and your studies no great help? Then this reading group is for you! We will collectively decide which specific texts and topics to study and discuss with the group.

The reading groups will be in English, and consist of five meetings, held once every two weeks on Wednesday evening in the book store de Rooie Rat, Oudegracht 65.

More info about the reading group >>

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