We Are Legion: The story of the hacktivists

We Are Legion: The story of the hacktivists

They call themselves “Anonymous”. When they swarmed the streets protesting the Church of Scientology, many people wrote them off as a gimmick. By the time they started taking down websites of government agencies and corporations, the world was paying attention. The media don’t know what to make of this loosely organized collective. Harmless pranksters or hackers on steroids?

Anonymous’ iconic Guy Fawkes mask has put a face on the controversial idea of hacktivism: using or subverting technology for political ends. While they have been praised for fighting for free speech and transparency, their provocative style has also attracted criticism. Some say they go too far; others dismiss them as boastful amateurs.

“We Are Legion” is the first full-length documentary on the history of Anonymous, from its beginnings as an elaborate in-joke on message boards to the current elusive, leaderless movement, and its offshoots and internal conflicts. First hand accounts from former and current members give a unique insight into what motivates them, and what they hope to achieve.

How is Anonymous organized? What can we learn from their tactics, their successes and failures? Is their brand of hacktivism a new addition to the activist’s toolkit? Come to the Basta! Film Night on Thursday 1 November, and find out!

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