Up the Anti - Reclaim the Future

Up the Anti – Reclaim the Future

Since crises hit Europe, a new wave of resistance and protests is spreading around the continent. This movement opposes ever increasing austerity, the loss of public services to private companies and the decline in living standards.

But this resistance is not just against things, it is also in favour of things. Up The Anti is a one day congress in London to think and discuss the future we want and the future we deserve. To combine our thoughts and ideals and find a way forward that will lead us away from capitalism and oppression a mixed program is organised with discussions and workshops.

Some questions that are debated are; Is there an alternative to capitalism? What might it look like? How do we win popular support for new radical projects? What can we learn from the social struggles and new movements in Europe? How do we overcome divisions within left and radical movements?

Included in the program are, among others,  a dialogue on radical interpretations of the current crisis, the role of debt strikes in anti-capitalist resistance, war and revolution in Syria and a workshop on the role of journalism in the 21st century.

At night there will be a cultural event called ‘Stand up against the government’, including musicians and comedians. More info on the official website: http://uptheanti.org.uk/

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