Ukraine in the crossfire: understanding a local conflict in the context of the ‘new cold war’.

Ukraine is engulfed by violence. The United States and EU-countries have condemned Russia for illegally annexing Crimea, sponsoring terrorism and even invading Eastern Ukraine. On the other hand, many Russians claim to blow the whistle on ethnic cleansing by a Neo-Nazi government in Kiev.

The conflict has served as a pretext for a ‘new cold war’, resulting in a fierce information war. This lecture will try to separate fact from fiction and aims to address the following questions:

How much support do both of the sides of the conflict enjoy within Ukraine?
What are their grievances?
How has the Ukrainian oligarchy positioned itself?
What is the role of foreign involvement on both sides of the conflict?
What is the relevance of this ‘new cold war’ for the world at large?
What are the continuities between the ‘old’ and the ‘new cold war’?

Join us for an insightful lecture and a critical discussion with:

Chris de Ploeg – Chris is an activist and writer based in the Netherlands. You can read his blog here:

Registration is not required, entrance is free, donations are highly appreciated.

Location: Kargadoor (Utrecht)
Address: Oudegracht 36, Utrecht
Date: Thursday November 12th
Time: 7:15 pm

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