"The pursuit of happiness" - Session 3 on Revolution

“The pursuit of happiness” – Session 3 on Revolution

The third session of the Reading group will be about the third chapter of the book “On Revolution” by Hannah Arendt: the pursuit of happiness.

We will organize the session in two parts. In the first part we want to analyze the chapter, discussing and answering the question related with the different concepts and ideas that Hanna Arendt discuss in the book.

We also propose two more texts, for the second part of the session. One it’s about Egypt revolution and the other about Iceland. We thougth that both case are extremely important in the recent history and still are outgoing processes, and would be very interesting to have a discussion an analysis together in relation of the concepts that Hanna Arendt introduced. For this discussion we thought that the second part of the chapter is the most relevant.

– In Egypt, the real regime still has to fall

– Democracy on ice: a post-mortem of the Icelandic constitution

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