Tactics for Social Movements - History of Social Movements

Tactics for Social Movements – History of Social Movements

This reading group session is concerned with the variety of tactics that can be used by social movements. We chose this subject we could incorporate a more theoretical discussion as well. Within this discussion we will come to the subject of violent and nonviolent struggle. We thought that this is an important topic and it has not been addressed yet.

Tilly & Tarrow: Contentious Politics, Chapter 3.  Tilly and Tarrow provide the analytical framework to understand contentious politics. This chapter explains how regimes, political opportunity structures and contentious episodes interact, frame identities as well as repertoires of action.
Conway – Antiglobalization-Movement

Gelderloos: Introduction and Chapter 1
Peter Gelderloos wants to refute the idea of nonviolence as an effective strategy. In the introduction he explains why he thinks the discussion is never well played in movements, in chapter 1 he points to some examples used by nonviolence advocates and invalidates them. Take a close look to page numbers when reading this, since the order is illogical. Gelderloos – How Nonviolence Protects The State

Conway – Civil Resistance and the ‘Diversity of Tactics’ in the Anti-Globalization Movement: Problems of Violence, Silence, and Solidarity in Activist Politics.
In this article Janet Conway explores the discussion about violent and nonviolent strategies in the alterglobalization movement. Tilly Tarrow – Contentious Politics

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