Spanish solidarity demo with 25S "Surround the Parliament"

Spanish solidarity demo with 25S “Surround the Parliament”

The Spanish Parliament will be surrounded by the 25S to tell those who unjustly govern us: we will disobey their unfair and illegitimate impositions to pay their debt. 

“The 25th of September the Spanish Parliament building will be surrounded as a symbol to rescue it from the kidnapping which has turned this institution into a useless organ. A kidnapping of the popular sovereignty by the Troika and by The Markets, executed under the blessing and collaboration of most of the political parties. Parties which have betrayed their electoral programs, their voters and the people in general, breaking their vows and contributing to people’s gradual pauperization.


A government chosen by the people that once it reaches the power operates on the opposite that the candidates promised, has no legitimacy. Winning an election does not give the government the right to make do as it wills, betraying the voters who elected it. The people, under these conditions, have the right to require the government to quit. The people have the right to have a government which governs according to the popular choices. This is the essence of democracy and popular sovereignty.

The Parliament will be surrounded by the 25S to tell those who unjustly govern us: we will disobey their unfair and illegitimate impositions to pay their debt. We will defend our collective rights: our houses, public education, public health system, employment, democratic participation and our decent life. We will initiate the process to stop the responsibles for this crisis. The arsonists who have caused our crisis will be judged instead of rewarded.

The demonstration on September 25th around the Parliament takes place in order to recover our responsibility of our own future, rejecting impositions. We want to tell the ones who have kidnapped Democracy that it is their time to leave. We will require the resignation of this government, as a first step. Set it free. Let’s start anew our constitutive process: an open process with direct participation where we all determine together political institutions, participation tools, juridical and political mechanisms that we need to guarantee the efficiency of our collective decisions. A continuous constitutive process which collective definition starts, but does not end, on 25S”


From the Amsterdam and Zuid-Holland 15M assemblies we support, as we have been doing until now and as we will keep on doing in the future, every non-violent action, emerged into an open, horizontal and assembly process, which help the people to defend themselves from the attacks by an elite which impose us an unfair system and forces us to pay the consequences of a crisis that this elite generated and is still stimulating. This crisis is not just Spanish or European, but a globally systemic. So it can only be solved through an international collective action. For these reasons, we want to inform, in the country we are living now, The Netherlands, about the action “25S surround the Parliament” which will take place in Spain. Showing in this way the continuous questioning of the system and that there are alternatives. We will denounce any violent repression by the Spanish State. Always according to the non-violent and open spirit of the 25S Coordinator, and based on the following premisses:


-This is a non-violent action.

-It has been opened to everybody’s participation.

-The work developed during this year has been decisive and still is. This action must not compromise it, but reinforce it.

-The 25S action does not delegitimize at all the day by day and week by week work of the neighborhood assemblies. On the contrary, in the remote case an action success with the real starting of a constitutive process, this should lay on them.





-25S coordinator full manifesto:

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