'The Shock Doctrine' Then and Now. A case-study of Greece

‘The Shock Doctrine’ Then and Now. A case-study of Greece

The terrible attacks in Paris last November shocked us all. A mixture of fear and astonishment did not leave us think clearly, our own security seemed at risk and everything we had taken for granted looked to be in danger.
That was the perfect opportunity to strike. The french government took of course the lead, with its declaration of war and the imposition of a state of emergency some of us felt during COP 21, and then every other government in Europe followed with the approval of even more repressive laws. Most of this measures would never have been accepted by the population had they been proposed before the terrorist attacks.

This is the perfect example of what Naomi Klein calls the “Shock Doctrine”. That is why we are screening her documentary of the same name.
Moreover as we don’t only want to understand reality but we want to change it, after the screening we will turn the focus to Greece, where shock doctrine has also been applied, and try to learn from their struggles.

How are unpopular changes imposed by the ruling classes?
How have they been imposed in Greece?
What has the Greek people reacted to these measures?
How can we recover from the shock and strike back?

Join us in a lively discussion with two members of the movements in Greece!

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