Rise, sleeper. Rise and dance! - 2.Dh5 benefit party

Rise, sleeper. Rise and dance! – 2.Dh5 benefit party

Rise, sleeper; rise from among the dead, and the 2.Dh5 will shed light upon you.

To move forward, you have to look back.
To have a revolution, you have to build a movement.
And to survive all that, you have to party!

On May 14th we gather to honour, praise and idolize the life blood of social action in the Netherlands. The 2.Dh5-festival has for a decade now prepared hordes of revolutionaries and has inspired millions of world-changers.

We now celebrate 2.Dh5 on its 10th anniversary, in the tradition of leading social movements. Drawing from the past, we invite you to dress up either as individuals or with a group of friends/affinity/collective/therapy group as your favourite social movement and dance in the Balcan-polka-punk notes of Roy de Roy.

Different, multicultural and loud, Roy de Roy bang the drums of revolution, while Black Panthers, Suffragettes, and Paris Communards will compete for the best dressed revolutionary.

So join us, dress up and show that in order to fight you first have to look the part!

At the end of the show grand prizes and eternal glory will be awarded to the Best Dressed Revolutionary and the Best Dressed Revolutionary Group.

p.s. Don’t take this text too seriously. Come on…
p.p.s. but do come dressed up.

Price: 3-5 EUR voluntary contribution

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