Reviva La Commune! Lessons from the Paris Commune in today’s struggles

Reviva La Commune! Lessons from the Paris Commune in today’s struggles

“Look at the Paris Commune. That was the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.”
Friedrich Engels

“In the roar of that fire we hear the Commune’s ‘earthquake tread’, and know that the Great Ghost has risen, crying across the world, Vive la Commune!”
Voltairine De Cleyre

In 1871 the Communards of Paris called for nothing short of real democracy and freedom. The city fell into the hands of it’s citizens who organized their lives and their resistance in voluntary associations.
In this Basta! we treat the Paris Commune as part of the historical legacy of the left, a piece of collective memory that continues to inspire insurrections and self-government around the world.

The Paris Commune is more than a mere exercise of political imaginary.

What is the legacy of the Commune? How can it’s teachings be applied to today’s struggles? What are the connections between the Paris Commune and today’s Paris that is experiencing a new generation of protests against the labor reforms? What lessons can we still apply?

Join us for an inspiring discussion about the durable demands of the Paris Commune, it’s vision and it’s legacy.
This is the first of a series of events celebrating and commemorating the Paris Commune, a co-presentation by Kritische Studenten Utrecht and Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory.
Fro information on the second event, keep an eye on our website:

Jerome Roos, editor of ROAR Magazine
Dennis Bos, University lecturer, Leiden University and author of the book ‘Bloed en Barricaden’

Doors open at 19.00
The event will start at 19.30

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