Rethinking economics

Rethinking economics

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The financial crisis has made a rethinking of economics more urgent than ever. KSU/Basta! aims to contribute to the discussion about the direction of economics both within academia and in the public debate. Guestspeaker: Irene van Staveren.

Meld je aan op Facebook, en nodig je vrienden uit!To that effect it started organizing a series of reading groups, the first of which, titled ‘Roots of the Crisis & Cuts‘, culminated in this evening of discussion.

First guestspeaker Irene van Staveren will set forth her views on how academic economics should change in response to its failure in predicting and coping with the financial crisis, followed by a debate with the audience. Then there will be a discussion between organizers from all over the country (and the audience) on how to educate the broader public on economical and political issues and, more importantly, how to draw the public into a more active participation, both in debate and in action.


Irene van Staveren 
Professor Development Economics
Launch Committee World Economics Association
Member of the Utrecht Sustainable Finance Lab thinktank

(Arjo Klamer, previously expected as a second speaker, is unfortunately unable to attend)

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Free entrance. Language: English

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