Noise demo Zeist Immigration detention center

Noise demo Zeist Immigration detention center

ABOUT TRANSPORT: The bus is being arranged, please let us know if you want a place BY EMAIL (zeist26april2015 [at] riseup [dot] net). Space is limited!

If you can arrange you own car it would be awesome if you do, and take people with you so there’s enough space for everyone in the bus. Also let us know if you any places left.

WHY WE FIGHT: When our friends and fellow students were arrested at the Maagdenhuis eviction, we were angry that the government transfered some of the detainees into an immigration detention center in an attempt to further intimidate and mistreat them.

However, when we began to critically examine the function of closed immigration detention centers, which lock people for being born elsewhere, justifying it by deeming prisoners “illegal”, it became evident that the current immigration policies are both inhumane and racist.

By learning from stories shared by refugees who were recently evicted from their temporary homes and forced onto the streets, we’ve heard first hand accounts from “undocumented” people who fled war, hunger and persecution. People whose attempts to reestablish a dignified life was met with harassment, incarceration for months on end, and even the threat of deportation which in some cases could result in death.

One of the goals of the global New University movement is that everyone will have unhindered access to education.

But this can’t be achieved within the contemporary political confines of the world we currently live in; a world of borders, that shut out the exchange of humanity and knowledge, a wealth much greater than anything built on colonialism and imperialism.

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