March for Free and Emancipatory Education

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Are you affected by the stufi cuts?

Do you think private companies have too much influence on research?

Students: would you like more attention from your teachers? Teachers: would you like more time to freely cooperate with students and do your research without wasting time on bureaucratic reports?

Would you agree the current curricilum is too white, male and US/ Euro-centric, which leads to a misguided view of the world and society?

Are you afraid that what sparked the Maagdenhuis protests might still be present behind the carefully branded images of Dutch universities – the debts, the hierarchies, lack of respect and understanding for humanities, which are removed from the very institutions of knowledge conceptualised by humanists centuries ago?

Then JOIN US and MARCH through the streets of Utrecht on the International Student day – 17th November!

We are a part of a larger international movement, but this demo is also a chance of addressing issues specific for Dutch unis. There will be plenty of interesting speakers and like-minded people with whom you can discuss your problems and, ideally, organise! After the demo, Taste Before You Waste – Utrecht will provide tasty and radically sustainable food.

More info will follow, but don’t hesitate to contact us

– De Nieuwe Universiteit & University of Colour (Utrecht)

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