KSU/Basta Documentary “Alles Flex?” Is temporary the new permanent in future housing?

As Dutch housing minister Stef Blok states clearly: “Work is already flexbile and dynamic, the housing market should follow accordingly” In Fact Over 10 types of temporary contracts have been invented having one thing in common. No (re) housing rights for tenants and weaker renting protection in a market of scarcity.

Through the eyes of high and low educated, young and old, singles and families, The documentary “Alles Flex?” takes a look at the flexibilisation of work and housing and put it in an actual and historic perspective.

After the documentary you can join us in a lively discussion where we will try to answer the following questions:

What society do we get if both work and housing are flexibilised?
What consequences will the new housing laws bring ?
Has there been a reaction to this new laws ?

Speakers to be announced!
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