International Student Struggles

International Student Struggles

KSU have been invited to be part of a panel with students for Chili, and the UK to discuss the international wave of student movements against privatization and austerity.

This session addresses the international wave of student movements against privatization and austerity that preceded and mushroomed during 2011 and how these movements led up to, fed into, and continue to organize during the current wave of international uprisings. The student movement has been a key galvanizing force bringing thousands of young people onto the streets at a time when they collectively feel that they are “without a future”.

This session will address some of the consequences of having such a large international class of well-educated, unemployed, and in many cases heavily indebted, young people. Student movements have built strong connections with workers both within the Universities/Schools and beyond and have infused struggles against precarious labour.

Looking at changes in the education system, we get a frightening, but essential picture of how social inequalities will look in the future as stipends are being cut and tuition is increasing, meaning that education is growing increasingly inaccessible to many. For those who can access it, they often graduate with enormous debt and no employment prospects.


  • Silvia Gutiérrez (Valparaiso, Chile),
  • Alia Al Ghussain (Sussex, UK),
  • Jeremy Crowlesmith (Kritische Studenten Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • with Natacha López (Sweden) as discussant.

Global Uprisings Conference: Full Program

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