International Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Online Broadcast

International Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Online Broadcast

On Sunday, the 3rd of April 2016, the participants of the International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radios that is taking place in Berlin, Germany, will do a 4 hour live radio broadcast that can be listen to through an online stream (links to streams will be published on facebook in next days).

A-radio Berlin (Germany):
Radio Študent 89,3 MHz (Slovenia):

Radio Študent 89,3 MHz (Slovenia): 89,3 fm


Help us spread the information about the online radio broadcast that will be done this Sunday. Please share this informations with your comrades and all those interested through your channels of communication!

There will be radio projects (radio stations, radio shows and podcasts) from different part of the globe participating so interesting program is inevitable:

* A-Radio Berlin (Podcast, Germany)*
* FrequenzA (Podcast, Germany)*
* Crna Luknja (Show, Ljubljana, Slovenia)*
* A-Radio Vienna (Show, Austria)*
* Radio Libertarie (Station, Paris, France)*
* Motbrus (Podcast, Stockholm, Sweden)
* Furia de Radio / Radio Irola Irratia (Show and station, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain)
* Lucha Libre / Radio Topo (Show and station, Zaragoza, Spain)
* The Final Straw (Show, North Carolina, USA)
* Ex-Worker / CrimethInc (Podcast, USA+international)
* Volver a la tierra (Show, Temuco, Chile)
* Error Involuntario (Show, Concepción, Chile)
* Radiozones of Subversive Expression / 98FM (Show and Station, Athens, Greece)
* 1431AM (Station, Thessaloniki, Greece)
* Radio Parasita (Station, Volos, Greece)
* Radio Psalidi (Station, Rethymno, Greece)
* Radio Revolt (Station, Thessaloniki, Greece)

see and spread the facebook event.

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