Impressions from Palestine: Water, war and Israel's latest Gaza attack

Impressions from Palestine: Water, war and Israel’s latest Gaza attack

Palestine. Water discrimination is an undeniable part of the Israeli occupation. Just like the umpteenth attack on Gaza in November last year.

Italian master student Sara Datturi has spent months in Palestine investigating the water problems – such as the lack of access to this vital resource – which Palestinians suffer daily due to the Israeli occupation. During her stay there, she has also witnessed the devastating consequences of operation “Pillar of Defense”, Israel’s most recent assault on the Gaza Strip.

During this Basta evening Sara Datturi, who has just recently returned from Palestine, will share her impressions and experiences from the field in words and images. She will discuss her research findings, as well as the latest Gaza attack and its consequences for the population. Showing images from Gaza, Sara will also present the work of CISS, an Italian NGO which works in Gaza and the West Bank to create spaces where children can develop games to help them process and deal with their war traumas. Finally, there will be a Skype connection with Gaza and the audience will have the chance to talk to Hussein, a young Palestinian journalist.

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